Frequently Asked Questions about BioBase 501 Insulation

Q: What is BioBase 501 insulation?

    A:  BioBase 501 spray-in-place insulation is an innovative, ultra-light weight, two-part soybean oil-based polyurethane. It is an open-cell, semi-rigid foam that in one step provides a sealed, thermal envelope that simplifies constructions practices.  This first-of-its-kind foam insulation has been formulated with the environment in mind.  It emits no VOCs or CFCs.  It behaves much like a petroleum-based plastic foam, without any of the environmental side effects.  BioBase 501 contains no formaldehyde. This product is the most environmentally friendly insulation in the industry.

Q: What makes BioBase 501 so effective?

    A:  BioBase 501 is much more effective than traditional insulation products, because the foam insulation is applied as a liquid.  When it is sprayed onto the intended surface, it expands 100 times its original liquid size in seconds.  As it expands, it conforms and fills each cavity, crevasse and void to create a thermal envelope.  BioBase is a highly-efficient seal against air infiltration, the number one source of energy loss.  This innovative insulation adheres to any clean, dry surface and will not shrink, settle, or disintegrate.

    Since Fiberglass or cellulose are settling materials, they cannot seal from stud to stud or around outlets.  In addition, fiberglass and cellulose can lose their insulation value if water or moisture invade the wall cavity.  BioBase 501 can actually help eliminate moisture problems in a wall cavity by creating an air tight seal.  BioBase 501 is a plastic and will not support mold growth.

Q: Who named BioBase 501 "Outstanding Green Product of the Year?"

    A:  The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) named BioBase 501 the "Outstanding Green Product of the Year" earlier this year at its Green Builders Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

Q: How does BioBase 501 save consumers money?

    A:  BioBase 501 insulation is cost-effective, reducing energy bills by 50% or more.  The initial cost of installing the BioBase 501 may be higher than traditional fiberglass insulation; however, the savings in utility bills every month, year after year, greatly outweigh the extra cost.  The larger the home, the faster the return.  Plus, BioBase also provides a savings by reducing the required size of HVAC (heating and air conditioning) and other time consuming and costly procedures and materials.

Q: Since BioBase 501 is made from soybeans, does it create a problem with rodents and insects eating the insulation?

    A:  No.  BioBase insulation, made from soybean oil, is pest resistant.  There's no food value to the insulation, so there's absolutely no problem with pests eating or nesting in the material.  For this reason, BioBase is ideal for use in both residential and commercial construction applications.

Q: How does BioBase 501 control indoor air quality and comfort?

    A: BioBase 501 insulation provides a sealed thermal envelope.  When applied, the insulation conforms and fills each cavity, crevasse and void.  BioBase contributes to the overall comfort and health of the occupants of a home because there are no fibers or "clumps" of loose matter.  By reducing air infiltration, the insulation also reduces dust and harmful, household mold and mildew.  BioBase provides a healthier, draft-free, indoor environment with no harmful emissions that can cause allergic reactions.

Q: Can homeowners install BioBase 501 themselves?

    A:  No, it takes a certified, trained professional to install BioBase 501 because of the sophisticated equipment needed to install it properly. BioBased Systems trains and certifies all installers.

Q: What is the flame spread and smoke development of BioBase 501?

    A:  BioBase 501 has a flame spread of <20, and its smoke development is <400.  For those reasons, BioBase is a Class 1-rated material against fires. This is the highest rating a insulation product can receive for residential and commercial applications.

Q: Where can I purchase BioBase 501?

    A:  BioBased Systems, the manufacturer of BioBase, is rapidly expanding nationwide, adding master distributors and insulation applicators in all regions of the country.  If you are interested in having our insulation installed in a home or business, call BioBased Systems at (800) 803-5189 or go to our Web site,, to find the master distributor and applicator nearest you.

Q: Who should I contact if I am interested in becoming a master distributor of BioBased 501?

    A:  Please contact Don Tiskevics at BioBased Systems headquarters: 10A Wolfer Industrial Park, Spring Valley, Illinois 61362. Phone: (800) 803-5189.