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Jennifer Wilson, Brand Manager
BioBased Technologies®
1200 Stewart Pl.
Springdale, AR 72764
Toll Free: 800.803.5189

Corporate Background

BioBased Technologies® is focused on helping our customers - formulators, manufacturers, builders and architects - increase the sustainability of their products and reduce their impact on the environment. Brands made by BioBased Technologies® include Agrol®, bio-based polyols used in manufacturing; and BioBased Insulation®, bio-based spray polyurethane foam insulation and sealants used in construction and available from Approved Contractors.

Since its inception in February 2003, BioBased Insulation® has offered its groundbreaking 0.5 lb. product, BioBased 501w®. In 2007 we launched a second generation open cell product, BioBased® 502, in Europe. That same product is now available in the United States. In 2010, BioBased Insulation® also began offering a non-bio-based, 245-blown closed cell insulation.

For industrial and agricultural applications we offer Soy Seal® HD, a 3 lb. industrial foam sealant and Soy Seal® XD, a 6 lb foam sealant. Both products are USDA Certified Biobased Products.

BioBased® 502, BioBased® 3001 and BioBased® 6001 all incorporate Agrol® polyol from BioBased Technologies®. Our products have between 3% and 15% tested bio-content (based on ASTM D6866) in the finished foam. For specific bio-content amounts in each product, reference the product's technical data sheet.

The BioBased Insulation® brand of spray polyurethane products helps to lessen the environmental impact of residential and commercial structures. The biggest benefit to the environment comes from the performance of our products, which increase the energy efficiency of buildings and reduces their carbon footprint.

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BioBased Insulation® is a spray polyurethane foam insulation. During application, precautions should be taken by applicators, helpers and building occupants to protect them from fumes, mists and spills. For more information view our product MSDS.

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